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No Bake Cake Pops

No Bake Cake Pops Picture in Cupcakes

Decorating cupcakes isn't near as challenging as it might seem, especially No bake cake pops Truth be told, decorating an entire cake would seem more difficult than the diminutive cupcake. A little frosting, a little trinket, edible or otherwise, and you're on your way to some quite good desserts, with little effort on your part.

While cupcakes might not look like the kind of cake one might have at a wedding, it actually makes more sense than one might think. An individual cake for individual guests makes everyone feel special and romantic, particularly if they are topped with roses, hearts or a combination of the both. Cupcakes topped with small flowers, ones matching the bride's bouquet, would not only be attractive but would lend themselves to guests who might not feel like eating their cake at the reception; smaller is more portable.

With a lot of occasions available for celebrating with cupcakes, decorating them can quickly match the occasion. Some ideas might be flowers for a shower, assorted fruits for a champagne brunch, candy for a child's party and a Super Bowl party can be enhanced by cupcakes decorated with little candy footballs or green icing field goals. A good idea might be to ice the cupcakes in shades of green and white, forming them on a tray in the shape of a football field.

For brunch, No bake cake pops can be topped with various fruits, possibly matching a fruit compote served with the meal. Alternating between slices of kiwi, strawberries and peaches is not only attractive but tasty, blending nicely with the frosting and cake. Also, with fruit, instead of using the typical frosting, mix together a blend of whipped topping, vanilla pudding mix, milk and vanilla extract, makes for a light, fluffy frosting that will melt in their mouths.

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