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Tangled Tower Cake

Tangled Tower Cake Picture in Cake Decor

One way to use edible cake decorations for stylish cakes is by focusing on tone-on-tone colors. Silver sprinkles or dragees, shiny edible ball sprinkles, look fantastic on a cake with white frosting. Sprinkles are the supreme easy cake decorations, and using them in a single color on a matching color of frosting looks stunning. Try yellow colored sugar sprinkles on pale yellow lemon frosting, or chopped nuts on light brown caramel frosting.

Sliced fruit is a terrific choice for easy cake decorations that are a little more festive but still sophisticated. Easy ripe red strawberries sliced and organized in overlapping circles on dark chocolate frosting makes a decadent dessert. For even more decadence, macerate a selection of berries by stirring them with a tablespoon or two of sugar and, optionally, a few tablespoons of your favorite liqueur. Refrigerate them in a bowl for a number of hours, then pour the syrupy berries over a cheesecake.

Another easy way to turn common easy cake decorations into something special is to decorate only the sides of the cake, leaving the top with plain smooth icing. Chopped nuts, mini chocolate chips, shredded coconut, chopped candy bars, and crushed peppermint candies are all good choices for this method. To get the sides of the cake decorated, take a small handful at a time and gently press it into the frosting, working your way around the cake. Try doing this holding the cake at a slight angle over a large bowl of your selected decoration, allowing the excess to fall back into the bowl and keeping your serving dish clean.

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